Tap Tops proof 3.png

Chilli Beer 4.5%

Classic Australian bitter. Medium amber colour with a mild chilli bite

Tap Tops proof 4.png

Chocolate Beer 5%

English style milk stout with chocolate aroma and taste

Tap Tops proof 20.png

Dark Roast Wheat Beer 4%

Dark amber ale brewed with 100% malted wheat grain. Astringent coffee like palette

Tap Tops proof 5.png

Dirty Dan's Dark Delight 6.4%

Rich smokey stout with a dark roast coffee bean flavour

Tap Tops proof 11.png

Milky Wh-Ale 3.5%

Smooth milk ale with hints of caramel and vanilla

Tap Tops proof 15.png

Pharaoh's Spelt Beer 4%

Cloudy style wheat beer made with unmalted spelt wheat, mandarine peel and Munich malt

Tap Tops proof 18.png

Strawberry Blonde 6.2%

Pale ale brewed with WA fruit for a tart dry finish

Tap Tops proof 19.png

Summer Gold'n Lager 3%

A cold fermented Oktoberfest-style lager

Tap Tops proof 7.png

Twisted Lemon Lager 6.4%

Australian dry pale ale, made with lemon and honey. A crisp refreshing finish

Tap Tops proof 22.png

Yallingup Old 5.5%

Red ale with malty flavours and toffee aromas



Tap Tops proof 1.png

Avo-Lager 5.4%

Creamy pale ale bittered with avocado & honey

Tap Tops proof 8.png

Bush Shack Gose 3%

Refreshing sour mash with a farmhouse funk

Tap Tops proof 12.png

Old St. Nick 8.5%

Double Scottish ale with Xmas cake flavours and aromas

Tap Tops proof 17.png

SMaSH Ale 5.9%

Single Munich malt & single Enigma hop pale ale




Tap Tops proof 21-sml.png

Apple Cider 7.8%

Refreshing, all natural and unfiltered dry apple cider




Tap Tops proof 2.png

Black Cherry Bliss 4%

Retro inspired cherry cola

Tap Tops proof 9.png

Ginger Beer 4%

Old fashion-style and refreshingly spicy

Tap Tops proof 6.png

Kick'n Kolé 4%

Creamy alcoholic soda with caramel and vanilla flavours

Tap Tops proof 10.png

Mango Madness 4%

Sparkling beverage with real tropical fruit flavours.

Tap Tops proof 13.png

Old Pa's Sars 4%

A creamy liquorice soda sensation

Tap Tops proof 14.png

Passionfruit Beer 4%

The adult version of that old "Passiona" soft drink favourite

Tap Tops proof 16.png

Scream'n Cream'n 4%

Red creamy alcoholic soda with raspberry and vanilla flavours